For consumers: Ideal for self-pairing with many models. Please use the link below to see the list! Contact your local lock professional for key cutting and programming for those poducts that need professional pairing. If he or she is not carrying our Universal remote products, share the word!

For Locksmiths: When registered with us, you see our wholesale pricing and discounts on quantity purchases. We stock what we sell for immediate shipping! Register HERE.

Click here for our Universal remote products and lists of compatible vehicles.

Made by Solid Keys USA, our Universal Remotes and Universal Remote Head Keys (RHK) are designed to fit and pair with hundreds of vehicles, both foriegn and domestic!

Tougher cases, longer battery life and same or longer transmission ranges are the biggest reasons to use AND sell these products. 

As a vehicle owner, you will find it easier to order and pair these products to your vehicle, with no cheap, non-compatible products to fuss with (like they sell online from other countries). 

As a Locksmith, you don’t need to stock as many remotes or RHKs in your van or store. You’ll have a superior product and a profitable addition to your line.

Universal Vehicle Remotes