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We are constantly searching for products that represent cutting-edge technology, yet is easy to use and has much greater than average value for the price.

You'll find products that are actually 'old fashioned' but unsurpassed in their modern uses. Please take some time to learn about these amazing products.


We are all facing challenges to make the best of our lives in spite of the hurdles we face. We won't be buying houses and cars as easily or often as we used to. Since we'll have to maintain our assets instead of commonly replacing them when there are problems, there will be more do-it-yourself projects and 'honey-do' lists in our lives.

Our place here is to help you with great tools and products at great prices. We specialize in VALUE!!    

Here’s a current list of our great products. Simply click on the list at the Site Guide to your right for details on each product line:

✷  Picquic Multi-Bit Screwdrivers.. Canadian drivers that store the spare bits in the handle with no cap to unscrew, pop off or lose. We also sell the Picquic drivers with YOUR choice of bits!

✷  HOLDSaBIT attaches to any drill or power driver and hold screw bits and dill bits, right at your finger tips. Made in USA and tough!

✷  Ballistol Multi-purpose Lubricant is the non-toxic lubricant the also cleans, water-proofs, dissolves corrosion and mixes with water! Its 100-year history has a proven track record.

✷  EZ-Web Tie-down Strapping System is a customized webbing and strapping system that YOU design for your needs. Made in USA and withstands extremes of heat and cold.  

✷  Emergency Preparedness Products for basic protection and survival. Don’t be caught in your home, car, or away from help with no preparation. We carry products that meet important immediate needs to help you hold-on until help arrives.

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