Every moment during a project that you spend looking for the right tool is wasted time and results in frustration and bad decisions. If you’ve lost your temper while trying to find a screw bit or drill bit, you know what I mean!

Enter the HOLDSaBIT, the unique, US-made holder of drill and screw bits keeps them at your fingers by attaching to your drill or power driver. You can even attach the HOLDSaBIT to your tool belt. Wasted steps are not a problem anymore.

PLUS, we have taken our HOLDSaBITs to the next level by offering them with your choice of Picquic spare bits. HOLDSaBIT can hold 4-8 bits from Picquic, 3” long! 

CLICK HERE to purchase empty HOLDSaBITs or order custom-loaded HOLDSaBITs.