We certainly think you should call 911 when an emergency situation occurs. 

BUT: What if the emergency is so big, so bad, that our community emergency services are overwhelmed? What if you call 911 and you can't get through or you are told that no one can help you. 


That is NOT the time to discover that you are not prepared. The time to prepare is right now... and you'll be so much more confident... in your own survival odds and the survival of your loved ones.

Our products assist you in nasty events, such as:

* Brush Fires

* Earthquakes

* Tornadoes

* Ice Storms

* Hurricanes

* Extended Power Failures

* Stranded while Hiking or Camping

* Blizzards

* Mud Slides

* Floods

* ...and now, "Super Storms"

We carry products that concentrate on the basics: Food, water, shelter, protection from the elements, light duty rescue, signaling, lighting, etc.

EVERY person or family should have an emergency kit packed and ready to take or use when the really bad stuff happens. The rule of thumb... 3-7 days of being on your own. Here are some suggestions, most products are in our online store for immediate shipping:

✓ Water and/or filtration device, water containers (canteens are excellent)

✓ Food, non-perishable (not needing cooking), Can opener!

✓ Shelter from rain, heat, cold, dust and bugs (tent, sleeping bag)

✓ Emergency blankets & clothing (prepared for the weather you be facing)

✓ Signaling devices: whistle, flashing light, fire starter

✓ Rescue items: gloves, masks, eye protection, prying/lifting tools, shovel, rope, multi-tool, duct tape, cable ties, wire

✓ First Aid Kit and knowledge on how to use it

✓ Lighting and batteries, Solar charger for batteries and cell phone

✓ Radio with recharging capability

✓ Protection from bad guys (personal weapon, such as knife, machete, firearm)

✓ Maps, Bible, Compass

✓ Personal items: Soap, razor, deodorant, antibiotic, sunburn lotion, meds

✓ An attitude of caring and preparedness. Being in peak physical condition, too!


Since we don’t stay home all of the time, there is a strong likelyhood that we could be stranded in our vehicles for hours or even days before help comes! We recommend having the following items in your vehicles at all times (seasonaly adapted) so you are not caught unprepared. Something as simple as being stranded with a bridge out of service can keep you from home and accessing a local source for the basics. 

✓ Blankets - One for each person that routinely travels in that car. Extras are a wonderful thought to assist those that have none. Check out our inexpensive mylar emergency blankets.

✓ Water - Having bottled water in your vehicle is easy and cheap. Rotate the water regularly and have a filter for greater options in obtaining drinkable water. Be prepared for as many as 3 days before help arrives. 

✓ Food - Stock your vehicle with emergency food bars that provide the energy and nutrition needed for as many as 3 days before help arrives. Food that requires no refrigeration or heating are best. Consider dried food and canned fruits to enhace your emergency meals.

✓ Heat Source - We are not addressing food heating. Warm food is not critical in an emergency. We are addressing keeping you warm in your vehicle. Surprisingly, a long-burning candle can provide heat in a car… enough to keep you from freezing. Just remember to keep the interior of the car or truck ventilated and keep the flame safe by not having anything placed near it. 

✓ First Aid Kit - We heartily recommend a First Aid Kit for all kinds of emergencies. Even if YOU don’t know how to use one, have it availabele for OTHERS to use! You’ll be a hero either way. In kits, you get what you pay for, but there’s no need to spend for a mass-casualty kit. Prepare to help as many as 3-5 victims.

✓ Machete - Such an incredible tool… from hacking brush and debris, to self-protection. Cut, chop, slice, puncture, pry, even ‘hammer’ with a good machete. The uses are MANY!

✓ Light Source - Having a good flashlight, headlight, spotlight or floodlight should go without saying, but consider one that doesn’t require batteries or one that uses LEDs. Big tip: check and rotate the batteries often, if your light uses them.

✓ Eating Utensils - Not just a spoon or fork, but various tools in one unit will save you much grief.

✓ Various Tools - If you have room in your vehicle, carry a bow saw, pry bar, hand tools and reflective devices for extraction or emergency repairs to get you or someone nearby running again.

✓ Document Bag - If you must ‘bug out’, have a way of carrying important document in one container, preferably a fire-resistant document bag. You will NOT regret this decision… ever!

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