A part of the Specialties of Paradise family, FireHawk Technology was launched to find and carry uncommon products that save time, money and aggravation for service technicians and demanding homeowners wanting products that are actually worth the price. 

Since the late 90's, we have expanded the product lines to include more than cool tools, now with products that are geared for outdoor and emergency survival. When you are prepared, you'll be less scared! Our survival products give you an advantage when the 'poop' hits the fan. We are interested in helping you help your neighbors, too. 

Les & Tami live in Key West, Florida, and we ship to the world. Since we stock what we sell and personally process your orders, you can be assured of fast, accurate shipments. 

If you make or know of a quality product that enhances our lives, let Les know! We are ever expanding our company and love to share the best in medium-tech products that truly help humans. 

About FireHawk